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The SDS.Storage module manages and organises storage as well as store-in and store-out processes. Thanks to its modular functions, various production and site storage systems – including partly or fully automated systems – can be supported.


  • Less storage space/staff required, plus shorter loading and delivery times through optimised storage rules
  • Transparency of storage stocks avoids over-production and costly production restarts
  • SDS.Storage ensures availability of segments and thus avoids interruptions in tunnel driving
  • Permanent inventory overview cuts inventory costs


Clearly defined storage and stacking rules make incorrect deliveries impossible and save storage space. There is no need for redistribution, which considerably reduces the risk to employees and damage to the segments – and also cuts staffing costs. When the segments are removed from storage, SDS checks compliance with curing times along with freedom from damage and automatically generates the delivery note.

Module characteristics

  • Production storage
    • Black box storage: records store-in and store-out of segments plus stocks; generates delivery notes
    • Managed storage: additionally, documents the storage place and specifies stacking orders
    • Automated storage: in addition, determines all storage movements on a system-led basis and provides navigation for the crane operator in line with orders
  • Site storage
    • If the production location is some distance from the site, temporary storage is needed on site. This site storage can generally be managed as a black box storage.


  • Additional storage area to expand storage space
  • Crane navigation for gantry cranes


  • Interface to an existing crane navigation system
  • Interface to data management system, Herrenknecht.Connected – a joint system solution from VMT and Herrenknecht

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