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LIS is a supplementary product that supports quality management by SDS. Both moulds and segments can be measured with sub-millimetre precision and their geometry checked (distances, angles and torsion). The integrated reporting system forwards the measurement logs to SDS and provides information as to whether the required tolerances have been observed.


  • Ensures compliance with the tolerances demanded by the client
  • Optimised and part-automated measurement routines and evaluations save time
  • Simple handling (no specialist required)
  • Virtual test ring construction saves time, costs, space and personnel


LIS checks the 3D geometry of the segments and moulds directly on site to determine their basic geometry and installation parts. The measurement technology is fast and highly precise, yet extremely easy to handle. Measurements, calculations and an analysis of the results can be carried out within about 20 to 40 minutes. Evaluations can be adapted for specific customers and the results provided in any format required.

Range of services

  • Purchase or rental with corresponding training
  • Measurement service by VMT engineers on site (equipment included)


  • Virtual ring construction after segment measurement (replaces physical test and master ring construction)


  • SDS data server

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