New Dashboards


The new SDS dashboards provide you with the crucial information at a glance: The most important key performance indicators for production performance, quality and warehouse inventory are visualised in an up-to-date and user-friendly way – so you have everything on screen and under control at all times.

  • Dashboards are accessible via Internet browser on all devices connected to the site network. These can be accessed remotely via VPN
  • Different dashboards can be displayed in a playlist on desktop monitors
  • Dashboards can be individually customised
  • Thanks to the alarm function, threshold values can be defined for various procedures. An email alert is automatically triggered if these values are exceeded or not reached
  • Several segment productions can be centrally monitored and compared with each other

Production Dashboard

VMT Gmbh: News Dashboard Production preview

QM Dashboard

VMT Gmbh: News Dashboard QM preview

Storage Dashboard

VMT Gmbh: News Dashboard Storage preview