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The Segment Documentation System, or in short SDS, is the leading systems solution for quality assurance and logistics in segment manufacture.

With SDS, site operation is linked with an intelligent, efficient workflow network.

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To make sure that production and logistics in segment manufacture are controlled efficiently and specifically, VMT has developed the Segment Documentation System (SDS): a modular production and logistics management system that captures all the relevant data, and specifies and monitors work processes. In this, SDS operates in perfect synergy with the VMT products HADES and IRIS, which ensure complete data transfer and worldwide access to the information.

The Segment Documentation System combines quality assurance, documentation, storage management and ordering in one product.

SDS saves on time, staff and storage space. It enables the production and storage of segments, their transport and installation in the tunnel to be fully documented and planned on the production scheduling

The system ensures compliance with quality and documentation standards and the optimum use of resources.