VMT sees itself as your partner and consultant when it comes to segment production. With our expertise and experience gained from well over 1,000 tunnel projects, we are at your side: globally – 24/7.

The experience that VMT has gained in over 20 years of worldwide tunnel projects has been integrated into the development of this modular production and logistics management system. SDS was designed to meet the special demands of segment manufacture and has already been successfully used in countless tunnel projects.

With its SDS.Production, SDS.Storage and SDS.TBM modules, the system comprehensively controls, monitors and documents all the major processes within the production and storage of segments and captures their position and installation data in the tunnel. SDS thus guarantees plannable, efficient, transparent handling on site. The system can be adjusted as required so that the customer’s specifications and guidelines are followed and implemented in all stages in the process.

SDS is far more than a documentation system – as an integrated solution, it manages and accompanies the life-cycle of the segments from the production stage to the tunnel. In this, SDS ensures compliance with quality and documentation standards combined with optimum use of resources, excludes risks, avoids errors and reduces costs. All areas of the tunnel site are linked to an intelligent, efficient workflow network, thanks to SDS.